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Man charged in deadly Chesterfield accident


Chesterfield Police say they've charged the driver who caused an accident that killed a Chester woman. The crash happened Friday on Courthouse Road, near West Providence Creek road.

Caro Conde was driving a car that police say crossed several lanes of traffic and jumped the median, before smashing into a truck with two people in it.

Carolyn Evans died at the accident and her husband, Archie, went to the hospital. Her son, Troy, says their love was tremendous. Carolyn and Archie Evans had been married for 44 years, a blended family with five children, said to be very much in love.

Friday night, their son said they were coming home from Costco when a driver reportedly crossed the median and smashed into their car. Neighbors from a block away heard the response.

"There was a lot of people hurrying and scurrying to the people in the cars and the truck," said Ann Burton.

Carolyn's family said she took her seatbelt off for just a moment. Archie was pinned in the car after the incident, his left leg broken and the other injured.

But, the deepest pain came later. His family said when he found out his loving wife had passed, he had a mild heart attack.

We're told Archie remembers everything that happened and that his wife's last word was his name- she yelled "Archie" as she faced the oncoming car. 

Right now, the family is trying to focus on Archie's health, which is still improving.

They're also trying to remember happier memories, like these, remembering Carolyn as a wonderful homemaker who loved her family most.

But, she does want some answers about what happened Friday night.

People living near the scene of the accident say, it's an area that's seen a fair amount of trouble.

"It is pretty dangerous around here," said Burton. I think the speed limit is just not kept. The sign is posted 25 up here and 45 over there. But people just do not do as they should do."

Police haven't released the results of the accident investigation, but say the driver has been charged with reckless driving.

Carolyn's funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized.

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