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Man shot by Chesterfield Police has violent criminal record


A man shot and killed by police in Chesterfield Monday night had an extensive violent past, according to court records. 

Dozens of warrants and several protective orders were filed in the Chesterfield courthouse against 38-year-old Brian McDaniel.

Police say two felony assault warrants were being served on McDaniel at 7709 Millcreek Drive near Lancashire Drive around 4:30 p.m. Monday. When McDaniel pulled out a gun, police shot him.

Court papers indicate a police presence at McDaniel's home was not unusual. Protective orders were issued for McDaniel's daughter, wife and mother, and he faced charges for assaulting his brother and sister.

One document said McDaniel threatened his ex-wife that if he came to her door, anyone there would be "lying in a pool of blood."

Another one said a police officer had to break into the home to respond to a domestic call and inside McDaniel's now ex-wife had an ice pack on her hand, lumps on her head, and a bloody lip.  

McDaniel was convicted for assaulting three officers back in November of 2005. His ex-wife wrote that one of the officers suffered a permanent injury because of it. McDaniel was sentenced to 15 years for the crimes after pleading guilty. All but a year and a half of the time was suspended. As part of the agreement, he was to seek mental health help.

But court papers show more domestic problems in 2007, 2008, and early 2012. Not to mention, the incidents that brought police right back to his home Monday night.

Police say the officer involved in the shooting is not on patrols right now, while an investigation is ongoing. Both the investigation and change in duties are standard in this situation.

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