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Woman says dead man crashed into her vehicle


In a strange twist to a Richmond murder, a woman says she's the victim of the homicide in an unusual way.

On November 19, a man crashed into Su Lein Beasley's 2003 Yukon XL after he was fatally shot behind the wheel.

The car suffered more than $12,000 worth of damage - an amount Beasley can't afford.

"Even though the guy passed, I felt my life had been damaged too," Beasley told NBC12.

Beasley's vehicle was uninsured at the time of the crash. She says she was in the process of switching insurance companies.

She had left the car parked in front of a friend's house and had an appointment with an insurance company the day of the crash.

The murder victim was borrowing a rental car. Beasley says, she wants Avis to pay for her truck since it owns the car that hit hers.

"First they were saying they were responsible totally," said Beasley. "All of a sudden after the appraisal, they're saying they're not."

According to Beasley, Avis told her since the murder victim was borrowing the rental car, they're not responsible.

NBC12 reached out to Avis by phone and email but didn't hear back.

According to the Virginia State Corporation Commission, consumers in Virginia are not required by law to purchase automobile insurance.

However, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires proof of financial responsibility in the form of an uninsured motorist fee of $500 if an individual chooses not to purchase insurance. 

The SCC goes on to say, "the Bureau of Insurance recommends that consumers strongly consider purchasing automobile insurance. If you cause an accident, you may be personally responsible for the losses of other people involved if you do not have insurance. 

"A claim may be made or a lawsuit filed against you for those losses. You may have to pay not only for the property damage you cause but also for the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering of any injured person. The amount of money you may have to pay could be substantial. If you do not have insurance, anything of value that you own, including your home, savings, future wages, and other assets, may be taken to pay for those losses. Auto liability insurance will protect you so that this does not happen. Liability insurance also pays for a lawyer to defend you against any claim or lawsuit."

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