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VCU launches “Ram Safe” after survey reveals security concerns


VCU is rolling out a string of new safety measures. This comes after a new survey revealed many students don't feel safe walking the campus at night.

VCU police and the transportation office is rolling out a new service called Ram Safe.

Blue lights have become an unwelcome and all too familiar sight around the VCU campus.

"All I hear at least once a week is about a stabbing, a shooting, a robbery," said Lauren Dillisio who works at the Village Cafe on campus.

Lauren is not surprised to hear the results of a new campus safety survey. It reveals people feel least safe when waiting for public transportation and walking in parking decks or in the community after dark.

"I don't walk alone if it is more than a block or so," said Lauren with a smile. "I'm a tiny girl. I can't hold my own. Don't tell anyone that!"

This is where the less than week old Ram Safe service comes into play.

It is a $40,000 automated fleet transportation system that allows you to track your ride from the time it is assigned to the time it arrives at your door.

"It is nice to be able to get there safely and dry," said VCU senior Jamie Pollnow. "I think safety is worth whatever the cost is."

We were allowed behind the scenes access at command central where someone mans the service all night from 5pm to 8am.

The VCU police chief tells NBC 12, as a result of the survey, he plans to increase lighting on campus and create a "more visible on the ground police presence," among other things.

"One of the valuable things about an instrument like this is you have to listen to the feedback you get," said Chief John Venuti.

VCU students and faculty can call: 828-SAFE for a ride.

Thank you letter from David W. Hanson, Vice President for Finance and Administration - link

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