Lost Dog: Have you seen Jazzy?

Jazzy is a silver toy poodle, 3-4 year old, 7-ish lbs, went missing from my backyard shortly after 8:15 pm Wednesday, 11/28/2012 (I am her foster). I'm thinking she may have slipped through an opening in the fence. I live in the neighborhoods between Monument/Patterson/Libbie/Williow Lawn. Flyers are posted everywhere in this area.

It is unlikely someone took her from the yard as my other dogs would have barked. She is a very timid and shy girl who is in rehab and care after being rescued form a puppy mill and having difficult home placement. She's very sweet and does well with other dogs, but is also frightened easily. Jazzy is spayed and has a black spot of fur on her back hip near her tail. She has a name tattooed inside her ear from the mill (I was unable to make the name out). PLEASE call if you know anything, even if you found and would like to keep her, so we can stop worrying.

If you have any information about this dog, please contact Helen Rogers at 804-484-4908.