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Tow company wants to help drinkers get home during holidays


A Richmond business wants to make sure people celebrating the holiday season do it safely. Instead of getting behind the wheel after having drinks, a tow group says it will pick you and your vehicle up and take you home safely.

It's the spirit of the holidays and many people will choose spirits to help them ring in that holiday cheer, but poor planning when heading out for drinks could land your vehicle at a tow shop.

"A gentleman came in. He wisely said 'I shouldn't be behind the wheel.' He went home another fashion and left his car there. Unfortunately he left it in a no parking zone and the police had his vehicle towed," said Melvin Lawson of Seibert's Towing.

When you do the math, up to $140 to retrieve your car from a tow shop, the $35 storage fee if left more than 24 hours and don't forget the cost of a cab to get home. It may cost more than it's worth.

So Melvin Lawson's company wants to help with a new idea called Toast'd Tow.

"It's something kind of catchy. We wanted it to be something people would remember during those late night hours when maybe your mind isn't as clear as it should be," Lawson said.

For $50, you can call up Seibert's Towing if you and your car need a ride home. You can even call on the spot.

"We're not doing this to make money…We're probably going to break even, if I'm lucky on this and that's not what this is about," Lawson said.

He says it's all about preventing tragedy, making sure you still have a good time without the worries of driving when you shouldn't.

"People need to make wise choices and we hope we're there for them when they need to make those wise choices," Lawson added.

The services will be offered through the New Year, 7 days a week. The company will take calls from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. at (804) 233-5757.

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