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Globetrotters teach bullying prevention to Richmond students


It is not everyday a couple of celebrities walk into a Central Virginia classroom.

However, a couple of Harlem Globetrotters walked into the Delmont Learning Center with a purpose, and this time, it was not about defeating their opponent by using fancy footwork on the basketball court.

"Right now, we're going on talking about the ABCs of bullying prevention. What that is; the 'A' stands for action, the 'B' for bravery, and the 'C' for compassion," said Globetrotter Chris "Handles" Franklin.

Everywhere Franklin and his teammate, Anthony "Ant" Atkinson go, they hear stories of some of their youngest fans being bullied.

Stories like the ones of Kniko Parker who says he has been bullied, but never told an adult when it happened, and he does not know why.

"I just don't know. I get mad easily," said Parker.

The Globetrotters' program helps Kniko learn to not simply get mad, but to take action by telling someone what happened, and to be strong and remain confident in himself.

During the program, Franklin and Atkinson had the students stand up and shout "I'm the best". Eventually, the students tried to prove that they were the best by challenging the Globetrotters, hoping to beat them at their own game.

The students had to be quick, and they cheered each other on, even when some of their classmates dropped the ball.

They learned a lesson about supporting each other, no matter what, and more importantly, they learned that bullying never cool - on or off the court.

If you want to see the Harlem Globetrotters' smooth moves, mark your calendar for Monday, December 31st. This is the day the team will play at the Richmond Coliseum.

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