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Gun experts stress importance of safety when cleaning guns


The shooting of a Chesterfield teen is serving as a reminder to use proper gun safety.

"The vast majority of negligent discharges occur when someone is cleaning their gun," said gun trainer James Reynolds of Proactive Shooters. Reynolds trains people every day on the right and wrong ways to use and clean their guns.

"One of the things we recommend is when you're cleaning your pistol, you do wear safety goggles," he said. Then, make sure that the gun isn't loaded.

"Some people may not deal with their gun every day, they may have it stored in a gun safe, may not remember if it was loaded or unloaded the last time they used it," Reynolds added.

That's why he recommends a system called Look, Feel, and Look.

"What we're going to do is look inside the chamber to make sure we don't see any live ammunition, were looking in the magazine well to make sure the magazine has been removed, then we want to feel inside that chamber area," Reynolds said.

Then, find a safe area, away from another person, to point the gun while cleaning. When all else fails, never hesitate to resort to the owner's manual.

"A gun is neither safe or unsafe by itself. It's a person and their actions that make a gun safe or unsafe," he said.

Reynolds says while some may consider trigger locks or cable locks or storing a loaded gun in a locked container, he says whatever you do, always keep your gun out of the reach of children.

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