Hi  it's Sabrina

A night of partying at a popular Shockhoe Slip club comes to a frightening end for a guy walking back to his car.   He was robbed at gunpoint of keys, wallet, cell phone.  Tonight police are looking for the two thieves.

Someone went on a tire slashing spree across the area,  more than a dozens car owners found themselves stuck and having to pay for repairs.   It's not the first time their cars have been vandalized. Tonight we'll from a victim who says he's fed up with the prank.

A family dog is being celebrated for finding a two year old boy missing for hours alone in the woods.  Find out how the dog led rescuers to the lost child.

We've got information about tomorrow's Christmas Parade, including street closures along with  lots of other holiday events.  Plus we'll tell you where you can get free aids testing tomorrow for World Aids Day.