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Suspected serial burglar arrested


Suspected serial burglar, Jayson Rhoten, was arrested Monday night. He's suspected of breaking into homes in more than half a dozen counties. Investigators say Rhoten was working with Olivia Epps, his girlfriend, stealing things to support a drug habit.

Investigators said the duo hit homes in Goochland, Fluvanna, Spotsylvania, Hanover, Chesterfield, Louisa, and Dinwiddie.

For months, officials say Epps and Rhoten were working together to break into home sin broad daylight, stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of RVs, electronics, and guns. They say Epps was the lookout, while Rhoten broke in using a pry tool and trying to get in the doors of the homes. If that didn't work, they say he would use his foot and kick the door in.

Detectives say the couple sold the goods they collected quickly to feed a Heroine habit.

"Frankly, I don't think someone can get any lower than someone who is going to break into somebody's house and violate their home," said Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew.

But Agnew said the public got the last say. The department put a picture of Rhoten out to the media on Friday. By Monday, they say they found Rhoten in Louisa. Now, he's behind bars.

"The airing of his mug shot and some publicity I think was instrumental in his capture," said Agnew, much to the relief of detectives and victims.

"The damage that burglaries do to the psyches of people who live in their homes and believe in the sanctity of their homes is really hard to measure," said Agnew. "But if you've ever talked to a woman who's home has been broken into, they are extremely violated."

Both Epps and Rhoten are behind bars right now.

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