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Owners: mailbox bombing is a hate crime


A Chesterfield woman's mailbox was bombed and she believes she's been the victim of a hate crime.

Candice Francis says, since she's moved to her Chesterfield County home, she's heard negative comments about the color of her skin. Now, she believes someone has taken their hate one step further.

Francis says she was awakened early Wednesday morning by a loud explosion. Then her husband asked her to call 911.

Her husband says he was watching TV when he heard the explosion. He went to the window and saw his mailbox completely engulfed in flames.

Francis says, she doesn't believe these are kids playing a prank. She lives in a large neighborhood but her box was singled out.

"We feel that it is a hate crime," said Francis. "There's a message someone is sending out."

Chesterfield police are investigating the mailbox explosion and so far, they don't believe the Francis family was targeted.

Since January of this year, they've seen six cases involving mailbox bombings. 

Still, the Francis' say they want to prosecute the people responsible for their mailbox bombing and plan to reach out to the NAACP.

They also plan to up security by installing outdoor security cameras.

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