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Assault victim talks about shots fired at Chesterfield party


The victim in a Chesterfield house party that got out of hand is speaking out for the first time.  Shots were fired and he was beat up when a group of people started fighting.

The victim didn't want to make his name public or show his face because the people who beat him up are still out there.

He's still healing after a fight at a house party on Matoaca Road, near Hickory Road.  He says the punches didn't stop until somebody fired a gun into the air.

"I could have been dead," he said.

The victim says there were about 50 to 75 people inside that house when a fight broke out and it spilled out onto the yard. The victim says many people, including himself, had been drinking that night and it played a part in things getting out of hand.

"Everybody scattered, then I looked up and I see one person with the gun and he was holding it in the air," he said.

Blair Wright had only been to the party for about 10 minutes when she says the fighting started, but she believes the shooter was trying to scare people. 

"Then it got kind of crazy because he was fighting with the gun in his hand and I saw the gun and I thought, it's my time to leave," she said.

But a shooting at a large party doesn't surprise her.

"It didn't really shock me that shots were being fired because, I mean people have guns like it's candy," she said.

While the punches did stop,  the situation continued to escalate.

"People started putting rumors out there that I was dead," the victim said. "Calling my dad at two o'clock in the morning saying your son has been shot and killed."

The victim doesn't see any reason why a gun should have been at the party.  He thinks about the worst case scenario which could have been his daughter losing their father.

"Life's too short to be having guns, people shouldn't even have them," he said.

Chesterfield Police have not released a suspect description but did collect bullet casings at the scene as evidence.

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