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Facebook fiction floods newsfeeds


If you've been on Facebook at all, chances are you may have seen a message that claims to make your information confidential. It's not true. We brought the issue to our NBC12 legal analyst.

This message is like oil and water. The claims of privacy on a public site simple don't mix.

"Three or four people I knew this morning had it on their Facebook," said Cynthia Neff. 

Status updates are flooding Facebook newsfeeds urging copyright privacy. The message claims -by making this your status, some pictures, videos and other information automatically become private. 

For some, the legalese can be tricky. The post says it's in response to the new Facebook privacy guidelines, and firmly forbids Facebook from disclosing profile contents. NBC12 Legal Analyst Steve Benjamin says the statutes and codes mentioned in here are irrelevant. 

"Neither one of those clauses have anything to do with copyright law," said Benjamin. "When people do something like this, it's like going out in public with no clothing on and wearing a sign saying 'don't look at me. This is protected property.' You can't use Facebook and expect to have privacy." 

Facebook openly states it wants to make the world more open and connected, but when it comes to this post - the question was still up in the air for some.  

"I probably wouldn't pay much attention to it," said Brooke Stallings.

"I would just ignore it," said Selwyn Henry.

That's just what our legal analyst recommends people do the next time they see this similar Facebook fiction filling their feed.

If you're ever unsure about your Facebook privacy, it's always best to read the terms and services. In that section, Facebook clearly states whatever you post publicly can be seen by anyone.

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