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Chesterfield Police: suspects burglarize home, set fire


Chesterfield Police say a group of people broke into a home, took things, and then set a fire in the living room, all while people were in the house! It happened around 9:30 p.m. Friday on Ayton Court, which is just off Cogbill Road.

The victims say they still remember the words the people who broke in the home were shouting from outside that night.

"You gonna get yours, you gonna get yours. I got something for that!" they told NBC12. The victims asked us not to reveal their identities, because the suspects haven't been caught yet.

They say they have no idea who the roughly seven men were or what they wanted. But they say the men proceeded to bust down the door, break into the home, and ransack the living room, even throwing a table across the room.

"There was glass broke, TV broke, TV was down, lamp was gone," they told us. And then they say the violence escalated. They say the people who broke in used leaves to set the living room on fire, while those victims were upstairs with only a window to escape.

"They tried to light the whole house on fire because they put the leaves inside," said the victims.

Luckily, the suspects left and the victims were able to put out the blaze.

"Anytime you have someone enter somebody else's residence and they attempt to set a fire on a residence," said Sgt. George Burgess. "It's something that we take very seriously."

Police say the people who did this could face some serious charges for setting a home on fire with people still inside. That's a felony and could mean jail time.

Police say they have a good idea who one of the suspects is and that they are looking for him.

The victims say they don't know why they were targeted- that the suspects got away with 3 pairs of shoes.

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