Shoppers Crowd Carytown on Small Business Saturday

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Local businesses are busy ringing up customers on this Small Business Saturday. Business owners like World of Mirth's, Thea Brown, says small businesses offer something big box stores can't.

"One thing that we do is we know about our toys we can tell you the benefits of a certain toy, we can tell you who is it's going to be beneficial for we can help with kids with special needs we know what toys are going to work well for them," said Brown.

World of Mirth in Carytown welcomes shoppers to not only take a look at their options but even bring your kids in to test it out.

"They always have much more interactive toys and they have places for kids to play and it's much more of a friendlier environment…every time we come visit we wanted to be here, you have to support it to make sure it stays there," said shopper, Melissa Geil.

"If you don't have local shop, you don't have local bakeries, toy stores, what have you, you 're going to have a very vacant and kind of sad community," said Brown.

Nothing sad about Carytown on this Saturday - the streets were packed with shoppers. At Road Runner Running Store, owner Thom Suddeth says his employees can do more than just ask you, 'what size'.

"Everybody here runs and everybody knows the product and we watch you run, find out what kind of foot type you have, go through ad whole gamut of biomechanical evaluations to make sure you get the right product," Suddeth said.

It's the personal interest in the product and care that is appreciated. Shop owners in the area say business is pretty consistent during the year.

Small Business Saturday was created by American Express in 2010.

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