Friends praying for Thanksgiving triple shooting victims

CHESTER, VA (WWBT) - A triple shooting on Thanksgiving puts two boys and a woman in the hospital.  Police say Michael Derrick Williams is the man that opened fire.  He is now facing several charges.

Neighbors say the victims are two brothers and their mother.

The day after the triple shooting at this apartment, investigators have still blocked off the area as they gathered evidence to piece together what happened on Timsberry Terrace at the Broadwater Apartment Complex.

"We heard the mother come out and say, 'He shot my son,'" says Victoria Moore.  She says her son plays football with the youngest victim, who she says is an 11-year old boy who goes to Carver Middle School.  Neighbors say his oldest brother is 16-years old and goes to Thomas Dale High School. The boys mother was also shot.

Friends say the older brother was a well known football player.  They're  just now realizing how serious this situation is.

"I just hope they make it through," says Dante Wilkes, a friend.

"My heart goes out to her and her family," says Moore.  "That boy is 11 and my son is 13.  I don't even really want to feel the pain of that.  I just don't want to do it."

Police say Williams is in jail accused in the triple shooting.  Neighbors say it started with an argument and fight outside the apartment.  They say Williams went to his car, pulled out the gun and started shooting.  They tell NBC12 Williams got inside and fired more shots.

Police came quickly.

"I saw a cop run over there and he basically got behind this cop car and he was pointing his gun and actually shot twice," says Jeff Davis, a neighbor.

The woman ran outside for help, the two boys were found inside the apartment.

Friends say all they can do now is hold on to their faith.

"They just got to pray and they just got to keep their head up," says Wilkes.

Neighbors say there is a police officer who patrols this area often, but they're still very uneasy after this crime.    While friends did give us the names of the victims, NBC12 is not releasing them while this investigation is ongoing.

Right now the two boys are in critical condition and the mother is in stable condition at VCU Medical Center.

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