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Black Friday shoppers camping out already in Short Pump


Black Friday shoppers say the only thing they're crazy about is saving money. But you may think otherwise once you see what's going on in Short Pump.

At the Best Buy on West Broad, people have been camping out since Monday for sales that don't begin until 12:01 a.m. Friday.

Meet Zach Stigall. First in line. Been here since Monday. And, really, we had only one question.

ANDY: "Why?"

ZACH: "We're gonna save a bunch of money."

Next to Zach, there's Erin Williams. Number two in line. They're not exactly strangers.'

"I know him from last year. We met out here last year," Williams said.

The Black Friday camping is, for them, an annual tradition. One steeped in frigid weather and curious onlookers.

"I've had some people go, ‘Good luck! Have a good night! We'll bring you some food.' And then other people, ‘You're wasting your time, there are no deals.' You know, whatever," Stigall said.

The living arrangements include comfy folding chairs, lots of layers, and cozy tents.

ANDY: "I'm coming in right in between…"

Lucky for us, everyone's happy to have a visitor.

ANDY: "So, uh, this isn't weird, is it?"

LUKE: "Not at all."

Best Buy opens at 12:01 Friday morning, selling items that include deeply discounted TV's and laptops. Erin wants one of the bargain phones.

ERIN: "It's the newest Galaxy phone to come out, so it's regularly $199."

ANDY: "This is my last day at Channel 12. I'll give you the company phone. You can have that."

ERIN: "Oh, thank you!"

ANDY: "Um, no, give that back."

They admit, it's a sacrifice. Thanksgiving, after all, will be spent on a sidewalk. Robert Lumpkins says, that's fine.

"Just 'cause of the experience. Always warm people out here. Nice big family," Lumpkins said.

A reason to be thankful, with just about 24 more hours to go before the doors open.

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