12 INVESTIGATES: Bogus ticket dispute resolved

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 12 Investigates tracked bogus parking tickets handed out in Richmond. Drivers were ticketed for times their cars weren't even parked downtown.

We profiled several people who got these bad parking tickets. Two of them ended up getting their cases dismissed by a judge.

But one woman was so frustrated and didn't want to deal with the hassle - she just paid the ticket.

Well she got a surprise in the mail this week.

Evelyn Henson works downtown. She suffered a blood clot in her lungs, scar tissue, and can no longer walk great distances. Her handicap sticker allows her to park in a spot for four hours.

She parked on 7th street in late August, but when she went to move her car at lunch, she got a green paper surprise.

Rachel: "That ticket basically says you were parked in that spot at 8:21 in the morning. Is that possible?"

Evelyn: "No, absolutely, not possible at all."

The ticket was written at 12:21 in the afternoon. It says her tire was chalked at 8:18 in the morning.

"I wasn't even in the city. I was still in my driveway at home."

And she can prove it! According to her E-ZPass record, at 8:37 in the morning, she's time-stamped going through a toll plaza and couldn't possibly be in that spot at 8:18.

"This isn't justice!" said Evelyn. "I think it gives the city a bad name because I certainly wouldn't come down here and park if I didn't work here."

Two weeks after the story aired, Evelyn Henson got a pleasant surprise.

"It was marvelous, it was absolutely fantastic."

In her mailbox was a $20 check - a refund for her ticket.

"It was so surprising because I hadn't done anything after I contacted you. I just paid the fine and grumbled about it."

There was no apology, no letter - but she did get her money back.

"I really want to thank Channel 12 for what they did in bringing that to light. And I want to thank the City of Richmond because, you know, I do think they did the right thing in the end."

The City told us, mistakes do happen but it will investigate the cases we uncovered. Henson just hopes the problem is fixed and that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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