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City on schedule and on budget for road paving initiative


Some streets in the fan are now getting a big overhaul as part of a project to repave 25-percent of city streets in five years. The mayor announced the multi-million dollar plan in 2009.  

People will have some noisy neighbors up and down Hanover Avenue, but smoother surfaces will soon replace the ruckus and road closures. 

It's a good sign for Curbside Café owner Matt Bailey who's smack dab in the middle of all the commotion.  

"They're certainly deterring customers from parking," said Bailey. "I know if I was a customer and trying to get here, I would say the heck with this. I would just turn around and go to Denny's." 

He hopes crews will be here for about week and no longer as the city has promised. The business owner says crews have been here since Friday. It's best to avoid this area between Park Avenue and Boulevard until crews move to the next project. 

This paving is part of the mayor's five year, roughly $30 million project to improve 25-percent of city streets by 2014.   

"Right now we are on budget and schedule with regards of meeting the mayor's goals," we are rapidly approaching 25 percent." 

Of 30 projects in this latest phase, about two-thirds of them have been done. They've stretched from northside to southside to downtown. For the next several weeks, the focus will be on the fan.  

Crews will tear up the old pavement and replace it with new asphalt on Grove between Park Avenue and Boulevard, and then move on to Floyd between Cheery Street and Boulevard. Each project should take about two weeks.  

"I didn't know it would be like this - big trucks and nobody can park," said Bailey."Apparently it has to be done and this is the only way to do it." 

Crews hope to have this particular fan project finished by mid-December weather permitting.

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