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NBC12 viewers step in to help fire victims


Henrico investigators are still looking for the cause of a fire, which left almost a dozen people with no place to live. NBC12 told their stories last night and since then, our viewers have stepped up, wanting to help neighbors in need.

Our email inboxes were flooded with messages from people offering help Thursday night and Friday morning. Many of people also called our newsroom wondering what they could do. The response is overwhelming the victims, whose lives have been turned upside down.

Tears flowed from Pamela Pollard's eyes as she thought about her bleak future.

"I had no idea what I was going to do, none whatsoever," she said.

The few belongings she hadn't lost when her New York home was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, were devoured by flames.

"Everything, everything was lost," Pamela lamented.

Her everything was in her Aunt Laticia's apartment, an apartment, which is now a charred skeleton. Laticia and her son can no longer live there.

"He said 'what am I gonna wear to school tomorrow,'" Laticia recalled.

She has found the answer to her 12-year-old son's question in boxes of clothing and the kindness of strangers. NBC12 arranged for Laura Cox to bring over the leftovers from the clothing drive her church organized for a local school.

"When I hear about what had happened, these people have nothing now," Cox said. "You don't realize your whole life is in your house and when all of that is gone you're sort of at a loss and what do you do?"

One viewer wrote a message organizing an anonymous donation of $500 to Pam and Laticia. He wrote, "We are reminded that this is a season in which we can all reflect on our blessings and also giving us the opportunity to reciprocate with an act of kindness."

An act of kindness that has made Pam and Laticia as grateful as kids on Christmas morning.

"It means that I can get back my life," Pam said.

That life now has a new perspective.

"There are kind people in this world," Laticia maintained. "Not everybody is selfish. I'm thinking if it was someone else I would be there to help."

Many of the displaced tenants say they have renters' insurance and are working with adjusters to figure out the next steps.

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