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NY Sandy victim displaced again after Henrico fire


Tenants in eight Henrico apartments are out of a place to stay and being helped by the Red Cross after fire ripped through their building.  This two-alarm blaze was so bad, even firefighters had to evacuate the building. It was too dangerous to take on the flames from inside. Investigators are still looking for the cause of the fire, which required 35 firefighters and ten trucks to get it under control.

There are almost a dozen displaced residents. Most tell us they are thankful they and their pets got out alive and no one was hurt. They now know it could be worse because for one woman in the apartment building when the flames broke out, now it is.

There are some twists of fate almost too heartbreaking to believe. For Pamela Pollard, they came to a head when flames ripped through the apartment building, where she's been staying after fleeing her home in New York.

"I lost everything," she sobbed. "The water, the house just blew away. I had nothing. And my aunt sent for me to come here to stay with her for a couple of days and now she has nothing."

What is now a charred skeleton of an apartment is where Pamela was seeking refuge when a boy practically banged down the door to bring her attention to devastating news.

"When I got up I just see smoke on the balcony and this guy was telling me 'Get out! Get out! Your balcony is on fire,'" she recalled. "I grab what I can grab and I run out of the house."

In a nightmare like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, she was forced to evacuate yet again. In the front of her mind was a single name: Sandy.

"I just lost everything and I come here thinking I can probably start all over again, try to get some help from my aunt and it's just crazy," she said. "It's like I'm reliving it all over again."

Now, her Aunt Laticia also has nothing. Their shared will to survive bonds them in the face of an unimaginable reality.

"I can't even help her now," Laticia Taylor-Pollard told us. "So she's looking at it like 'What am I gonna do now" but we're going to stick together."

After all, they've made it through worse catastrophes.

"We gonna stick together and just pray about it," Pamela added.

Two units, including Laticia's, are destroyed and six others damaged. She and most of the tenants we talked to, have renters' insurance. They're being helped by the Red Cross now, but don't know where they'll go from here.

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