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Armed men storm into Chesterfield home as family sleeps


Four men, armed with guns, busted into a Chesterfield family's home while they slept Tuesday night.

The intruders awoke the family in the 5400 block of Jessup Road around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. The family said they cooperated, since they were outnumbered by a group of men with weapons. Those suspects are still at large.

The mother, who asked that her family's identity remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, said her two teenage boys and a friend were asleep. They awoke to the robbers stealing their laptops and cell phones, threatening them with weapons. The boys didn't resist, and said the suspects didn't wear masks.

The mother revealed that this isn't the first time something like this has happened at her home. She says she feels her house is targeted because it sits on a corner, which allows easier access with two roads bordering it. Jessup Road has no shoulder on that block, so the additional road makes for an easy place to leave a car.

However, the family doesn't know if there was a getaway car, or even how the men got in or out of the house.

Next door neighbor Herbert Wilkins says his deck offers a big clue. His pool cover is completely ripped, as if someone tried to run across it.

"Must of slipped and fell in the pool, and they were mighty cold when they got out," said Wilkins.   

The neighbor believes that the robbers climbed up onto his porch, hopping over the fence, which was visibly damaged. Lights bordering the deck floor and the deck door were also broken. Wilkins says he heard the commotion.

"A loud banging noise, like somebody ran across the porch," said Wilkins.

The family described the suspects as young men, possibly even teenagers.

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