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City proposes tighter garbage regulations


Garbage is becoming a safety hazard in Richmond, and the city wants neighbors to clean up their own mess. A proposed change in environmental policy would expand the list of nuisances that residents would be responsible for dealing with.

There are many driving forces behind this initiative. If not addressed properly, the mayor is afraid some homes can become a breeding ground for pests. That's why he wants to do something about it now.

Timmy Nguyen wants to keep his neighborhood clean but it doesn't take an environmentalist to notice these streets need a little TLC.

"It's where you live and where you're growing up," said Nguyen. You want to protect it so by protecting it, you want to implement cleanliness and elements of good living."

Several roads off west broad could use some of those elements of good living. Overflowing trash cans, and sidewalks stamped with litter are just a couple of reasons why the mayor wants to put stiffer regulations on these nuisances.

"I just hope everybody respects our city," said supporter, Casey Criddle. "It's a historic place. There are lots of areas to fall short with old buildings. I really love Richmond and hope everybody would respect it as much as I do."

If the ordinance amendment passes, it could eliminate the infestation of pests and rodents, hoarding of animals, dangerous trees that need to be removed and garbage that's not contained properly – an open invitation to safety hazards and rodents.

Public Works has received a number of calls from neighbors complaining of pests on their property. The city says the best way to keep them away is to eliminate their food source.

That's especially true for pet owners who keep food out- attracting unwanted guests. Nguyen says he's willing to do whatever it takes make his neighborhood a better place to live.

If this passes and neighbors don't follow the ordinance time after time, they could face misdemeanor charges.  

Anyone concerned with neighbors not properly disposing trash can always call 311 and ask for code enforcement.

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