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Police: Man Beaten inside Richmond Club

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Charles Magenda Charles Magenda

A 24-year-old Richmond area man is now in a nursing home, after police said he was brutally beaten inside a local night club. Charles Magenda was in a coma for weeks, because of a serious brain injury. He still can't care for himself.

It reportedly happened at the Panchino Patty Palace and Pastry Inc also called the Island Venture Restaurant & Lounge.

Now, the health department has closed the club Friday. Employees say it was for unrelated reasons. Add to that, a litany of problems with the Virginia ABC (see hearing information listed below).

Police say Magenda, a National Guard member and Kenya native came to the club with friends. His cousin said Magenda spent the day at the wedding. He left the club in an ambulance with a traumatic brain injury.

"They heard people yelling and screaming, they couldn't see their friend, they walked up front, saw him down on the floor people kicking him!" said Detective Bernard Adams with the Richmond Police Dept.

Police said as far as they can tell, Magenda was a random victim. Friends reported seeing dozens of people beating on Magenda, all wearing matching clothes.

"They were all wearing white shirts with some kind of red lettering on the back," said Adams.

At this point, police aren't calling this gang activity, but friends and family are.

"He had bruises all over his right side," reported cousin Douglas Kimemia. "And part of his face, but the worst injuries were in his brain."

Friends say what happened next, before police got there to help, is even more unbelievable. He said Magenda was beaten somewhere else and dropped off here.

"They saw somebody lying on the floor and everybody else was running out of the club and then they told me that they tried to tell the club owner to call police, but he refused to call police or even to call for any medical assistance," Kimemia said.

One person sitting behind the restaurant, who claimed to be an employee there when the attack happened, said Magenda was beaten somewhere else and dropped off at the club later.

That report does contradict reports from friends, police, and first responders. The employee also says there are plans to re-open the club soon. The hearing (below) with the ABC had to be rescheduled because of Hurricane Sandy.


Panchino Patty Palace & Pastry, Inc.

Island Venture Restaurant & Lounge

3410 Semmes Ave.

Richmond, Virginia 23225

#002661 WB On Premises & MB

Inc. #201112090037


1. Qualification to retain MB license.

2. Qualifications to retain WB license.

3. Qualifications – seating at tables.

4. Financial responsibility.

5. Kept or allowed to be kept unauthorized AB.

6. Failed to keep records (general) and make available for inspection.

7. Not legitimate owner.

8. Failed to obliterate MB stamps.

9. Kept MB not bearing MB stamps.

10. Refilled or tampered – bottles.

11. Failed to comply with condition or restriction of license.

12. Cause exists – peace and good order.



(Richmond Regional Office)



M. J. Humphreys

Y. Benson

A. Morris

Det. W. Trvers

B. Adams

SSA M. Haalman




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