By: Kym Grinnage email

Congratulations to all of our local and national public servants who were successful in their competitive races on election day. And thank you to those candidates who took the time and energy to wage a campaign, but may have come up short. And most importantly, thank you to the citizens of Richmond and Central Virginia for participating in this system we call a democracy.

The people have spoken, the elections are over, so now what? I think the answer is simple, we want more. We want more leadership. We want more honest debate. We want to see our local and national representatives actually listen to and consider opposing views. We want the best and most productive ideas to be discussed and the best solutions to be put in place. We want our elected officials to represent all of the people even the ones who may not have received their vote.

And since the President and members of Congress are public servants, that makes you the boss. It doesn't really matter whether or not your candidate of choice won or lost, you are still the boss. If you are sick and tired of what you have seen for the last four years, it's time for compromise.

Webster's definition of compromise is: A settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions.

Call or write the President and the Congress and tell them you want compromise. Remember after all, YOU are the boss.

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