12 ON YOUR SIDE: Make donations to storm victims up the east coast

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Adding insult to injury, a nor'easter that moved up the east coast is blamed for more than 200,000 additional power outages in the same areas that were hit by superstorm Sandy.

Six inches of snow fell in some sections of Queens and Staten Island, more in parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Two businesses in our area have teamed up to give people here a way to help hurricane victims hundreds of miles away.

This relief drive is statewide and is coordinated by 'Champion Homes Realty'. That company reached out to 'Two Guys and a Truck'.

The professional movers and realty company are backing up empathy with action.

Here's how you can help suffering storm victims.

"We'll put it through here. We've got some open crates if we need extra space," said Dave Tindall with Two Guys and a Truck.

No cash, just items said Tindall. Donate items to keep people warm, safe and help them through long emotional days marked by devastation all around.

"It's getting cold, as we see here. A lot of them don't have heat or electricity. So, we're trying to do what we can to help out the communities in New York," said Tindall.

The damage estimate now for superstorm Sandy is $50 billion, and with that type of harm, every little bit helps.

The longtime business partners will accept your donations through next week. Then, around November 14, they will drive the collected items to a church in New York, where they will be given to people who need them.

"It's going to Brooklyn, New York. Blankets, coats, jackets, stuff that people might need. You know, gloves, masks for working on their houses in the mold."

Including bottled water, canned goods, personal care products, batteries, flashlights - items you think will be helpful to people in the midst of this.

"Two Guys, we've been a mover in Richmond for a lot of years. We go up and down the east coast as an agent for Stevens. We're just trying to help the folks out up there. They were good customers of ours. I'm from the New York area, so it's kind of home to me, and I wanted to help those people out," said Tindall.

Tindall said they have plenty of boxes and your donations will be boxed up appropriately.

But now, they need people in caring communities to start dropping off their gifts.

You can make a donation Monday through Friday from nine to five, and this weekend from noon to five, at the Two Guys office on Magnolia Street and the Champion Realty Office on Willow Lawn Drive.

Champion offices in Fredericksburg, Chantilly, and Woodbridge are also taking donations.

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