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Lawmakers weigh in on long lines at the polls

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The votes have been counted and the winner has been named, but election day is still a hot subject among Virginia leaders. People are still fired up over long lines at the polls.

Some voters, including many in Henrico County, stood in line for hours. The last voters didn't vote until 10:30 pm, which means they would have been in line for a minimum of three and a half hours.

Some say a large turnout is the measure of a good election, but that large turnout turned into a large line for many this year- even Governor Bob McDonnell.

"I stood an hour and a half, or an hour and fifteen minutes myself at the precinct," McDonnell said at a Wednesday press conference.

Here's a look at Henrico's Bonnie Brae Church of Christ on election night. Voters waited more than an hour to cast their votes.

"I happened to be the last person to catch the line to cast my vote," said one voter. "And yes, I'm going to stand here and wait."

"I would absolutely wait here as long as need be to get my vote out," added another.

The Governor admits it would be better for voters and voter turnout if people were able to just walk up to the polls and cast their votes.

"Is it such a burden on the citizens if they're going to face a two hour wait that they don't show up or they get in line and then give up?" questioned McDonnell. "That's bad for democracy."

It's a view shared by both parities.

"We ought to make it simpler and more straightforward and that means things ought to happen on election day to make that simpler and straightforward," said Senator Elect Tim Kaine.

Lawmakers are promising to take a look at what can be done. There have been plenty of discussions nationwide about the possibilities of things like online voting, more polling machines, or extending voting hours. In Virginia, any change to the rules would have to come from the General Assembly.

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