Kaine ready to tackle Washington gridlock

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - One of the big winners in last night's election was former governor and now Senator-Elect Tim Kaine. Kaine is ready to head to Washington and forge something that hasn't been seen much in that town as of late compromise.

Dressed casually and with a voice a touch hoarse after more than a year on the campaign trail, Tim Kaine told reporters he is ready to go work.

"The thing we most need to in both houses of congress is really commit to compromise and working together," he said.

Kaine, who edged out former Senator George Allen, in part because of that bi-partisan message, said with issues like the looming fiscal cliff and sequestration battles ahead, compromise is needed now more than ever.

It is something he was able to do as governor.

"We disagreed plenty," Kaine said of his dealings with republicans in the Virginia General Assembly. "But we maintained the relationship and the friendship that if we disagreed about something today we could find something to agree about tomorrow."

Virginia's newest senator enters a body facing historic levels of dysfunction. It is an atmosphere that despite last night's election, is not that much different.

The man who started his career as a Richmond City Councilman is hopeful a few new faces can have a positive impact.

"There is nothing that magic about it," he said. "We just need to add more voices to that common ground caucus that is what it is going to take."

Kaine is hoping to join that group of senators looking to work with the other party, but his new partner Mark Warner may be getting out.

Warner is openly considering a run for governor. Kaine said he wants Warner to stay.

"He is playing a really valuable role," Kaine said of Warner.  "I hope he will continue in that role."

And now the real work begins, just hours after the election ends.

There is one thing that won't change for Tim Kaine despite his new job?  His address. Kaine will continue to call Confederate Avenue on Richmond's northside his home.

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