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Brief scare at VCU Tuesday morning following gunfight


A brief scare on the campus of VCU Tuesday morning happened after a campus parking attendant noticed two men arguing over a gun. It happened near the medical college just after 8 AM. The campus immediately sent out an alert until the situation was under control.

"I just got an alert regarding an armed gunman in the dental school building," said student David Malan.

He was leaving class at the time of the incident.

"I was just getting out of a test. So my phone goes off and I walked out of the building just in case," Malan said.

VCU advised all students and people in the community to avoid the area near 12th and Leigh streets, particularly the dental school building. It happened after reports of a man with a gun in the area.

"They hoarded some people into a lab or a locker room. Like me, I left the building," he said.

It lasted all of 15 minutes. The man holding the gun told police he found it in some bushes off campus. He called authorities to turn it over but was then approached by a man on a bicycle who said the gun was his.

Officials say the man on the bike chased the other man across the king bridge, eventually ending up at VCU.

"It can happen anywhere, anytime, any given moment. Just beware of your surroundings," said Beatrice Hyman who was leaving a doctor's appointment in the area.

She says she's glad VCU sent out the alert, even though no one was hurt or harmed during the incident.

"Just like me, I'm walking out here unaware. I could have walked into something myself," she said.

Students left with peace of mind.

"I didn't hear anything. There didn't seem to be anyone in a panic," Malan said.

In this case, a campus worked to keep students and the community safe --not knowing how the situation could have ended. VCU officials say they detained and questioned the man who found the gun, but do not expect police will charge him with a crime.

Police are still looking for the man on the bike, who fled the scene.

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