Biden asks for Richmonders vote in final campaign stop in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As the country gears up for Election Day, the candidates spent today crisscrossing the country making their closing argument to voters.

For both sides that meant time spent in Virginia.

Vice President Biden made it clear to his supporters at an event in Downtown Richmond, if he and President Obama win Virginia, they will win the election.

It was an impressive way to conclude a campaign.

"Four more years, four more years," a supportive crowd of 1,200 people yelled during a chilly rally at the Historic Tredegar Ironworks.

The rally was complete with rock star John Mellencamp and his movie star girlfriend Meg Ryan.

But beyond all the theatrics, Biden wanted to make sure you didn't forget what this campaign was up against.

"The differences are stark, they are stark," he said.  "We have a totally different vision and value set than they have."

Biden drew the comparisons between those values with a blistering attack on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, in classic "Biden style".

"Y'all learned what the word malarkey means;" he said to laughs "Well I heard a lot of malarkey."

Republicans, like Romney spokesman Curt Cashour argue that Biden and the democrats are forced to stay on the attack, because they can't defend their own record.

"A vote for president Obama is a vote for the status quo," Cashour said.  "The fact is things are worse now than they were when he took office."

And with the minutes in the 2012 campaign ticking away, the effort to get voters to the polls becomes the focus.

In Richmond Monday night, Vice President Biden wanted to make sure people knew he wanted their vote.

"I came to ask, I came to ask, we need your help!"

And when the polls begin to close Tuesday night at 7, we will finally see just who Virginians decide to send to the White House.

Also speaking tonight, making his last pitch to voters, Governor Tim Kaine. The man from the Midwest who launched his political career in Richmond, is hoping this city is what puts him over the top tomorrow evening.

That race, against the popular former Governor and Senator George Allen, is so tight it might not get called tomorrow.

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