Last day to cast absentee ballet in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The presidential election is three days away but many Virginians submitted their ballets Saturday. It's the last day to vote absentee for Tuesday's election.

Volunteers directed voters inside City Hall for hours Saturday.

The last day for absentee voting in Richmond is still mediocre compared to 2008's historic election.

Some people waited in line for hours to vote while lines spilled out the door and snaked around the building. Even though this was no 2008, Richmond General Registrar Kirk Showalter says the turnout was at least decent Saturday.

"It's been good, steady," said Showalter. "We're ready for them when they come. Fortunately, we've got quite a few people processing and quite a few voting machines so there hasn't been any long wait today which we are pleased about."

Showwalter predicts roughly 1,200 people will walk through the doors of City Hall. Shelley Burnett votes absentee every year since she works the polls on election night, plus she enjoys the convenience.

"It really is because it gives you more instruction," said Burnett. "You don't have everyone else in your ear when you're in line voting. It just makes it a little more private and it's good."

After 2008's explosive turnout, organizers have stepped up the number of volunteers and expanded space.

People have been coming in all day eager to vote. This is the first year the registrar's office has used the whole first floor of city hall for absentee voting.

"So far, it's working out beautifully," Showalter noted.

Before, voters were crammed in a small office. Anyone who wants to vote will have to wait until Election Day, Tuesday.

The lines in Chesterfield were long Saturday. Of the 200,000 plus registered voters, 19,000 signed up to vote absentee.

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