NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Election Day is next Tuesday

By: Kym Grinnage email

This week we all witnessed the raw fury of Mother Nature and the devastating effect she can have on our everyday lives. Most of us in Central Virginia were spared, but many of our fellow citizens did not fare as well. Each day the death toll grows and the number of people without power reached as high as 8 million. This story was epic and historic in so many ways. Travesties like this give us all an opportunity to give back and to help those that will continue to need our assistance in the days ahead. If you want to help, go to redcross.org or give to a charity of your choice.

Now, on to another important topic. Next Tuesday of course is Election Day and for the last three weeks we have been discussing the importance of voting. Who you vote for is personal, but if you don't vote that's everybody's business. As you know, we live in a swing state. So what does that really mean? It means that potentially your individual vote can determine the course of history for this country. For those of you, who may not think your vote counts; ask President Bush or Vice President Gore if it mattered in Florida.

Remember to check on the elderly and those without transportation to see if they need assistance in getting to the polls.

The most important thing that we must remember is that whoever is elected president next week, we must respect the will of the people and the office of the presidency. It is impossible for us to move forward unless we move forward together. Please make your vote count.

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