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Richmond native living through Sandy aftermath in NYC

We are getting a first-hand account from one Richmond native on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. She now lives in Manhattan and has been without power for days.

But she says she feels lucky compared to what hundreds of other victims are going through.

The power of Hurricane Sandy became a reality for Richmond native and VCU alum Sofia Briley  when she saw a partially collapsed building in her neighborhood

Then her power went out  and it's been like that for days.

"Yesterday we went on a mission to find more candles because we had run out and that was pretty tough because all the stores are ransacked of candles, and flashlights and batteries," she said.

Briley lives in Chelsea at 7th Avenue and 21st Street. She also has no cell phone service, so she walked about 10 blocks north to get a signal for this interview with NBC12.  It's not far, but she says it's like going to another world.

"It's just crowded where there's power and then you go down where there's no power and it's a ghost town," she said.

She sent photos of that walk.  Downed trees litter her block and that building that partially collapsed is still exposed.  People also crowd around a charging station and some stores are out of supplies.

Going to work is out of the question.  She works on the 36th floor of a building in the Financial District three miles south.  Right now, it's under water.

"Work? We don't even know when it's going to open back up," she said.  "I heard the basement is completely flooded and we need the elevator for power obviously."

Everybody walks she says because gas for cabs is running out and getting on a bus is a three hour wait.

She says other boroughs, like Staten Island, need attention now. Briley says she's lucky, there is still running water in her neighborhood and she can walk those 10 blocks to get food and power. 

But, it's still an emotional time.

"I miss family and friends and Richmond," she said.

Briley says some restaurants are offering free food and water and some gyms are opening up their shower facilities as well.

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