MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Make money recycling metal

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The average person generates more than four pounds of garbage everyday and much of that can be recycled.

Since ditching my trash pickup, I've been recycling religiously. But I have to pay $25 a year for that service. My goal is to offset that cost by selling the metal.

I bagged cans for two months and brought them to River City Recycling. These gutter guards weren't doing the job, so I decided to cash them in as well. If it's metal, River City takes it.

"Anything from vacuum cleaners, washing machines, copper pipe, copper wire, aluminum downspouts, gutters, computers, everything you might imagine."

First, you fill out paperwork so the facility knows who you are. Then the metal gets weighed. Every metal has a unique price - your value depends on how much you have.

"We still have an awful lot of customers that come in here and got it from someone else that threw it away. They don't know the value of it, but the people that bring it here do."

This may look like a plain old cord, but it's filled with copper. 15 pounds of wiring netted the seller $45.

"Our motto is weigh a pay in five minutes."

You can sell old pots and pans, kitchen appliances, yard tools and brass fixtures. Even the kitchen sink. More weight equals more money.

Dishwashers and refrigerators can bring in big bucks. Even junked out cars can be turned into cash.

"We're diverting it from the landfill, we're saving natural resources. Someone doesn't have to mine that metal."

After weighing in, you bring your ticket to the man behind the glass.

In the end, I'm walking away with almost $10 for 2 months worth of aluminum. If I did this all year, I'd make twice as much as I'm paying somebody else to take it now.

Aluminum, copper and catalytic converters tend to have the highest values when it comes to selling metal.

River City Recycling has three locations across our area and walk-ins are always welcome.

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