Romney uses Bill's BBQ as a new attack on Obama

Not only are the candidates for president spending a lot of time in Virginia, they are now talking about issues that only people here would care about.

In his visit to Caroline County, Mitt Romney launched a new attack against President Obama and used a Richmond-based business to illustrate his point.

Sometimes it seems like the Electoral College turns people running for president into city council candidates. Every vote in Virginia, and even Richmond, is so important they need to connect with you on something you are familiar with.

Like your favorite barbeque.

The clock is running out and the campaigns are pulling out all the stops. Mitt Romney rolled into an Exhibition Hall at the Meadow Event Park in his campaign bus. He then fired up the crowd.

"I know the president wants to see four more years and that is his chant four more years, four more years," he said. "But our chant is this: five more days."

It was a message loyal Republicans in attendance wanted to hear, but the overall theme of the rally was much more than that.

Romney put a special emphasis on small business and he drove home that point by highlighting a Richmond-based business.

Thursday morning, the Romney team released a web video, featuring the Richmond institution Bill's BBQ. The business shut down completely a few weeks ago. The owner told Romney in a visit before the candidate came to Caroline, that the Obama Administration is to blame for at least part of her company's struggles.

"She said taxes, federal regulation and then she also said Obamacare," said Romney during his stump speech. "Those three things are crushing small business."

At its height, Bill's employed around 200 people. Now, every single restaurant is closed. But not everyone believes that is Barack Obama's fault. "Buz and Ned's", another Richmond barbecue, is thriving. They just opened a second location, thanks in part to a federal small business loan.

"We benefited directly from the government's ability to help small business," said Buz Grossberg, the Owner of Buz and Ned's.  "Through, the S-B-A, small business administration we have loans."

In the closing days of a fierce campaign, everyone is choosing sides, even your favorite barbeque joint.

This is just the beginning of this final sprint to the finish. Michelle Obama is in Petersburg Friday, Paul Ryan on Saturday, and President Obama joins Bill Clinton and rocker Dave Matthews in Prince William County Saturday as well.

You can see the Romney Bill's BBQ web ad on Decision Virginia.

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