Hey it's Sabrina,

Halloween is a busy time for corrections officers making sure registered sex offenders have no contact with trick or treaters.   Offenders are supposed to abide by the rules of Operation Porch Lights Out tonight.   Coming up at 11,  see what happened we went to the Fan address of a registered sex offender.

We've got the latest on the hunt for a man police say is setting off explosions in homes, targeting police officers.  State Police say Lawrence Stewart is armed with pipe bombs and that  catching him is their number one priority right now.  We've got new information about the suspect who is  considered extremely dangerous.

Plus an amber alert ends with a woman's arrest near Richmond.  The 28 year old is accused of kidnapping her own 3 month old baby.   Details of where the woman was taken away in handcuffs, coming up at 11.     Hope you can join us!