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Kindergartners get ready to cast their votes on Election Day


The kindergarten class at the Collegiate School in Richmond is getting ready for November 6, also known as "Election Day".

The students have a big decision to make - which animal is their favorite?

It is proving to be a wild kingdom showdown between the bald eagle and the bobcat.

Many of these pint-size voters already know which contender can count on their support.

"The bobcat because it's cuter," said Amelia Chen.

"The bald eagle because its our national bird," said Harrison Baxter.

These five and six year olds are getting a lesson on the voting process without getting into politics. They are filling out the voter registration cards they will need on the big day because they will not be able to vote without it.

The students are also getting a crash course in using iPads. They will cast their votes on the tablet computers on Election Day.

"It is just important for the children to understand that they have the right to make a choice about something and that is the beginning of the process we want them to learn about, just that learning to have a choice and speak your mind on what you believe in and what you like best," said teacher Nicola Byford.

Teachers say these boys and girls will be learning something very important- that there is no right or wrong choice, and that there is a way to gracefully win or lose. It is a lesson school leaders say will come in handy by the time they head to the real polls in about 13 years.

The students will learn the results on the same day. Then, in May, they will head to Maymont Park to adopt the "winning" animal.

The school's first through fourth graders will head to the polls as well on November 6th, voting on everything from favorite book characters, to whether recess should be before or after lunch.

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