Hello from Sabrina,

Explosions ripped through three Virginia homes and police say the blasts are all connected.  Authorities say someone targeted the houses.   According to published reports the bomber may be going after law enforcement officers.   Tonight at 11, we'll have the latest on the damage and the search for the bomber.

The lab tests on in a packet of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice,  that Goochland residents suspected had a dead animal rotting inside.   The company contends the terrible odor was the result of mold in the package.   Others suspected it might be a bird.  We've got the official  word on the  source of the smelly, sickening contents at 11.

Plus Henrico County could be looking at a federal lawsuit from a man who says the new law banning panhandling is unconstitutional, a violation of free speech.  The county calls the policy a matter of safety.  You can find out what our legal analyst thinks when you join us at 11.