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Police launch criminal investigation into undercover, political video

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Police in Northern Virginia are launching a criminal investigation into what's blown up into a national, political scandal.

The son of Virginia Congressman Jim Moran (D), Patrick Moran, resigned from working on his father's campaign Wednesday. An undercover video surfaced showing Patrick Moran discussing how someone could fraudulently vote in place of others, with an undercover campaign volunteer.

It's obviously a tough position for the Congressman. Congressman Moran's campaign released a statement saying it "welcomes a thorough investigation and will fully cooperate."

Patrick Moran was shown talking to an undercover conservative, who posed as a volunteer. The volunteer and Patrick Moran discuss the theoretical logistics of people fraudulently voting in place of a hundred registered voters, who usually don't seem to vote. The conservative group "Project Veritas" shot the video. It led to a political firestorm.

Patrick Moran reportedly said he thought the volunteer was unstable and was only trying to humor him. Patrick Moran was also quoted saying that he should have immediately walked away, making it clear that there's no place for even a suggestion of illegal behavior in an election, joking or not.

Regardless, Arlington police are dissecting the taped discussion over voter fraud.

Congressman Moran's campaign released this statement to Politico: "While clearly lacking good judgment, Patrick's unsolicited interaction with a right-wing political operative seeking to trap him... did not constitute an unlawful action."

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