Hello from Sabrina,

Dominion Power crews are getting ready for an assault from hurricane Sandy.  The powerful storm is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain to portions of Virginia.  We'll  have the latest storm track data at 11.

A female cyclist is hospitalized, a driver faces charges after an accident near the VCU campus tonight.

A local couple recalls how their summer vacation turned into a near death nightmare.  A steak dinner triggered a violent allergic reaction.  But doctors say the real culprit was a tick bite weeks earlier here at home.  We'll explain the mysterious condition tonight at 11.

A local barbecue joint with a bug problem is one of several critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report.  Heather Sullivan talks to the manager.

Plus the Romneys return to Virginia this weekend.  Tomorrow Ann Romney visits Henrico.  Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney speaks at the University of Richmond on Sunday.   We've got details on tickets tonight.