Now at Noon: Sandy approaches, Obama arrives, and EZ Pass fees

Now at Noon: Hurricane Sandy is making landfall in Cuba and eventually could hit the east coast of the United States. Meteorologist Kevin Jeanes will see how it could effect Richmond.

President Obama is headed to Richmond right now for a campaign rally at Byrd Park. Ryan Nobles will be live at the Carillon with a preview and Tracy Lynn will help you find alternative routes to avoid traffic delays.

If you can't make it to the event, watch it online here:

What's turned out to be a big 'premiere week' for consumer technology continues today, On the heels of Apple's iPad Mini launch Tuesday, Microsoft has a coming out party today for its new Windows 8 operating system. We'll have the details.

And coming up at 5, despite widespread outcry over EZ Pass fee increases it turns out eventually everyone will end up paying a monthly fee to use the device. Rachel DePompa investigates why and will even show you ways people are beating the system to avoid the fee.

Again, that's tonight, starting at 5:00! be sure to watch!