October 25 RESTAURANT REPORT: wrong temperatures lead to violations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two restaurants that usually get better health inspection scores are in this Restaurant Report. So we went to talk with them about what went wrong and what they did to fix it.

Our first stop was PG BBQ #1 at 9410 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield. When we went inside, an employee knew exactly why we were there.

"You're the one that's on TV on Thursday nights?" she asked.

The restaurant had 5 critical violations on its last state health inspection, including that some food in the make-up table was not kept cold enough. The report shows most problems were fixed by the follow-up inspection a week later, except for two critical violations and an inspector's note that live and dead roaches were seen in the facility. We reached the manager by phone, who told us all of those issues have been fixed.

We also went to Napoli's at 15800 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield, which also usually earns better inspection scores. But this time, it had 4 critical violations, including that the meat sauce was not kept hot enough. The manager chose not to do an interview but did explain what happened.

"We normally have no issues, but October was a bad month because we had some family issues," she said.  "If you want to release that we did everything we could to fix whatever was done. Anyone could walk in here any day of the week, it wouldn't be like that."

The report shows violations were corrected during the inspection.

You could call Dragon City at 2220 John Rolfe Parkway in Henrico "Clean City." It has earned perfect scores on 5 recent health inspections. Dragon City wins our Hall of Fame Award.