Breaking: More Meningitis cases in Virginia

Good Wednesday morning from Gray. Here is a look at some of the stories we are working on for 12 News Today.

Breaking this morning: The number of suspected Fungal Meningitis cases in Virginia is now at 41. The 41 cases include three West Virginia residents. Nearly 700 people received shots for back pain at outpatient medical centers in Roanoke and Christiansburg. The clinics where they received the shots and the state have worked to contact everyone who received the shot. Two deaths in Virginia have also been linked to the outbreak of the rare, potentially deadly fungal meningitis.

A family is still recovering after a father and daughter were hit by a car near The Lee Monument. They were on their way home from school when it happened. We are live with an update.

Some parents in a Henrico neighborhood say they're not on board with plans by school leaders to transfer students from one school to another. This morning, they're doing something about it and hoping their silent protest will send a loud message to school leaders.

Also, Dinwiddie Public Schools is sitting on a one point five million dollar budget surplus. About half of that money was just discovered by an audit. We investigated and found out where that extra money will now go.

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