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New website reveals earning power of Virginia college graduates

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Choosing a career can be fun as well as time consuming.

After you have chosen what you want to do, the next question usually is "how much money will I make?"

There is a new website designed to answer that question. It is called College Measures, and it helps students and parents see a breakdown of salaries by majors or Virginia colleges.

It gives you a look at what you will probably be making in your field the first year after graduating with a bachelor's degree.

For example, let's say you want to be a registered nurse. According to the site, you will probably make close to $49,000 in that first year. If you major in business administration, your first year pay check will average around $39,000, and if history is your career of choice, count on banking around $29,000.

However, the site also reveals that a person's salary may be determined by the school he or she chooses to attend.

According to the website, if you head to George Mason University to major in business administration, you could make between $5000 to $15,000 more than graduates in the same program from other Virginia universities.

If human resources or information sciences are more your thing, you may want to check out the University of Richmond, because the students who graduated with a bachelor's degree in those fields, averaged $69,000 per year. Compare that to $24,000 if you graduate from other Virginia schools.

The figures on the website are first wages. They do not indicate long term earning potential. Also, the study only looks at graduates who are working here in Virginia.

However, it aims to give students a glimpse at what they can expect, and it gives parents a look at whether their investment will eventually pay off.

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