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Chesterfield Animal Control investigates dog death


Chesterfield Animal Control has launched an investigation into the death of a 12-year-old pit bull mix.

A neighbor says she called officials last week complaining of the dog's condition. She claims this isn't the only case she's concerned with in her neighborhood.  

The past couple of weeks, when Ashley Baker called for Boe to give him a treat, he'd hobble from his dog house to the fence to greet Baker. Thursday, she called for him, he didn't respond.  

"Oh no!" Baker exclaimed. "Oh my God. I think he's dead. He's right here."  

Baker found him on the ground next to his dog house. Baker says Boe, who lived at a home across from her, was alive Wednesday. She took a picture of him inside his dog house, but says he was too weak to get out. Additional images show the dog, Baker says in emaciated conditions with infections and large lumps near his throat.

Owner Carroll Dyke says he could tell Boe was suffering Wednesday night, but didn't know his dog had died until we showed up.  

Dyke: "Early in the morning I could hear him moaning. I didn't come out here because I suspected that." 

Reporter: "So you heard him moaning, thought he was dying but didn't come outside?" 

Dyke: "At 4:00 in the morning?" 

Reporter: "But he's your pet." 

Dyke: "But listen, pets to you are evidentially different than it is to me."

NBC 12 notified animal control officers who came out immediately to speak with the owner and begin the investigation.  

Officers are also looking into the dog owners next door to Baker. She says a female Pit bull used to live in a cage with another dog until last week. 

"The owner was kicking the female pit, then I watched him reach over and burn her with the cigarette in his hand and told him to stop because she was yelping," Baker added. "She was convulsing really bad. He threw her in the back of the car and sped off." 

NBC12 tried speaking to the man who lives inside, but he did not comment.   

Chesterfield Animal Control officials say they'll be investigating each case separately. Animal Control says it will also consult with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office on this case.

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