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Students respond to beefed up patrols at VCU


Richmond Police are joining up with VCU Police to beef up security on campus after a string of what's been called "robbery incidents."

Students said they've noticed a change in the police presence. They also said they've beefed up their own awareness in the city.

"I just look down the alleys and make sure no one's in the alleys, so it is a bit scary," said VCU student Katie Mitchell.

"Looking over my shoulder, making sure it's safe," added fellow student Omar Ezzeddine.

Students relayed stories of seeing police on horses, bicycles, on foot and in cars.

"I've noticed them on bikes and I've noticed them patrolling just staying in one stop," said Mitchell.

"I see them pretty much wherever I walked on the corner, in the morning, at night," said Ezzaddine.

But preventing all crime on a campus like VCU has its challenges. There are blind corners, dark alleys, trees, and closely parked cars; plenty of places for the bad guys to hide. Police say the added eyes on the street will deter criminals, but two students say they're adding to their own safety plan too.

"I've started carrying around a knife and just looking behind my shoulder everywhere," said Mitchell. "There's always going to be this…it's still going to be in the back of our mind that this is occurring on our campus."

There will be a Town Hall meeting Wednesday night to help tell students about current safety plans and responses to crime on campus. The meeting is from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Harris Hall Auditorium.

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