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Delinquent real estate taxes in Petersburg


Property owners in Petersburg are paying up after the city hired a law firm - Sands Anderson - to help collect money from people who are delinquent on their real estate tax payments.

In less than a year, Petersburg has received a little over one million in delinquent real estate taxes - out of the two million owed.

"Once you start enforcing, and you see the city is serious about collecting, which has happened in Petersburg, people start paying. So you'll see that delinquency rate go way down," said Dan Siegel, Attorney with Sands Anderson.

587 delinquent properties were transferred to Sands Anderson law firm for tax foreclosure collection.

Almost half of those parcels have either paid or started payment plans.

"Once we start sending out those notices, and once they knew we were serious about having a tax sale, a majority of the people paid. They might not before, but they are now," Siegel added.

One of the biggest payments, $200,000, came from the Regency Hotel property.

The law firm has auctioned off several properties.

"Some of those properties we do have to sell. We prefer not to do that. We rather have a property stay current - not a tax sale," Siegel explained.

Property owners are placed on the delinquent taxpayer list if they've failed to pay for two years.

Money from real estate taxes is used to help fund schools, the police department, as well as the fire department.

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