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Viewers cheer Sandusky sentence, despite plans for appeal


People around Central Virginia say Jerry Sandusky's verdict is too light, despite the Judge saying he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Sandusky spent the hours before his sentencing proclaiming his innocence. His attorneys are vowing to appeal. However, people around Central Virginia said they were glad to see this disgusting episode come to a close and they are generally happy with the former Penn State coach spending his life in prison.

While many were pleased to see justice done, others felt the 30 to 60 year sentence didn't go far enough.

"This doesn't take away all the pain he's inflicted on so many," Jan Debaugh responded to a post on NBC12's Facebook page.

"He should have got the death penalty for all those charges. He is sick and we should not have to pay for him to live in prison for 30 to 60 years," commented Tonya James. "But you know he will get what he deserves in there. People don't like child abusers."

Others questioned Sandusky's pension money and worried that his victims wouldn't be taken care of.

"Give that money to the kids. They will need it to pay for shrinks," wrote TJ Charity.

Many voiced their support for the victims, in hopes that the sentence allows them to continue to heal.

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