Ann Romney works to help her husband win over women

CHESTER, VA (WWBT) - She has become an important part of Mitt Romney's campaign for president. Ann Romney was in Central Virginia Monday, hoping to boost her husband's prospects with an important voting bloc.

For much of the campaign, polls show Mitt Romney trailing with women voters. His wife has been given the task of closing that gap.

In a one on one interview, she told NBC12 that her husband has the best plan for women of America. Mrs. Romney spends a lot of time talking to women, she believes she knows what their top concerns are when it comes to the 2012 presidential election.

"They are saying, I've lost my job, my husbands' lost his job, my child can't find work" she said.  "Please help."

While the Obama campaign makes Mitt Romney's record on social issues like abortion and contraception, a focal point of their attacks, Mrs. Romney said her husband's focus is the economy.  She believes most woman voters are as well.

"So many women are coming to our events," she said.  "So many women are voting for Mitt and they are focused on issues than were different that what drove them to the polls four years ago."

In 2012, Mrs Romney argues, the economy is the dominant issue.

"The numbers aren't really reflective of what is going on out there," she said referring to the September jobs report that showed unemployment dropping to a four year low. "There are a lot of people that are really hurting."

And there is evidence; Governor Romney is making some inroads with women. A new Pew Research poll released Monday shows Romney and Obama tied 47- 47 with female voters.

Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said the president will continue to show a clear contrast on issues of concern to women.

"Many female voters are offended by the positions that Mitt Romney has taken during this campaign," he said, pointing to Romney's positions on abortion and contraception.

Ultimately, Ann Romney is confident to leave the decision in the hands of the voters.

"Everyone is going to have to go into the voting booth with whatever really motivates them at that time."

And with less than three weeks to go, the opportunities to make that closing argument are starting to run out.

Mrs. Romney was the first person to talk to her husband after his strong debate performance. We asked how he reacted in the moments after the biggest spotlight of his political career. You can see her reaction in our entire uncut interview, on