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Witnesses describe Regency shooting on Twitter


When a shot rang out at Regency Square Mall Monday afternoon, the first witness accounts of the shooting came from Twitter.

Aaron Young captured a picture from outside Regency showing several Henrico Police cars outside the mall entrance. Kimberly Torres tweeted a picture of a woman being loaded into an ambulance outside the mall, possibly the 74-year-old woman who tripped trying to escape from inside.

Twitter user @_dzelila_ wrote, "6 police care are [at] Regency. That gunshot sound has to be the scariest moment of my life."

Alena Miah tweeted, "OMG, just came back from Regency Mall and heard a gunshot in the food court bathroom while I was eating there! So scary!!"

Mallory Moore tweeted, "Hiding in the back of forever21 cus there was a shooting at Regency."

Miss KCP wrote, "Regency Square used to be The Mall back in the day. I had a weird vibe the last time I went but still felt safe. This is inconceivable. "

And Alexander P. Caton said "Everyone should know that the Regency Shooter is still MIA. Stay safe."

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